Freedom from risk of password compromise loss

It eliminates the need to enter IDs and passwords manually to improve the efficiency of sign-on works and improves security.

Reduce the risk of information leakage

Improved security level through fraud deterrence measures

Integrated security operations

Integrated management is achieved through enhanced authentication and log management

Increased productivity

Authentication process that brings convenience and comfort

Passwordless Authentication & Solutions

A sign-on service that supports SAML and Microsoft Windows.
Provides secure passwordless authentication as a solution JCV Face Login.

Main Functions


  • Authentication flow setting
  • Security policy setting
  • IDP metadata download

Client Management

  • Add, retrieve, delete, and update clients
  • Manual mode or upload of SAML SP metadata
  • Reset a temporary password for a registered identity


You will find detailed information on features, usage, quick start, and more.

Download EXE Installer for Windows Logon