Device Management

JCV Cloud
Device Manager

A device management service that provides device and application management functions. Reduces device and application configuration and operation costs.

Manage many devices at once

Centralized management of adding, updating, and deleting new devices.

Remote support for latest updates

Provides OTA functionality to conveniently manage firmware and application updates.

Easy Integration with existing systems

Provides OpenAPI compliant with RESTful APIs.

Access Control Solutions

Access management is provided as JCV SPARK, a solution that integrates ID, event, and device management functions.

Main Functions

Device management

  • List and update existing devices
  • Search by device name
  • Add new device
  • Batch deletion of multiple devices
  • Retrieve a QR code

Grouping and management

  • List of existing groups
  • Search by group name
  • Add new group
  • Batch deletion of multiple groups
  • Adding and deleting multiple devices in a group
  • Door settings in devices by groups


You will find detailed information on features, usage, quick start, and more.