Access Control

Increase facility safety and efficiencyJCV SPARK

Eliminates lost time Access control

Faster, more secure access control

speed authentication

Prevent authentication
by photo or video.

International standard
cloud security※1

Risks due to lack of speed and accuracy

Decreased efficiency of
entry&exit peak traffic

Unauthorized entry by persons not authorized

Intrusion by someone else behind you

*1 ISMS certification (ISO/IEC 27001:2013)


Access control that combines convenience & security

Ticketless entrance to save manpower at the reception

Attendance management by ticking using Face Recognition※2

*2 Face recognition and hand gesture recognition to determine the purpose of each authentication, such as "attendance at work" and "leaving work.API linkage with attendance management systems & services is possible.

Customer's Voice

RareJob, Inc.

  • Industry Education/Service
  • Location Entrance to the office floor

1.5 million annual cost savings by moving away from IC cards

  • Free from security risks due to loss of IC cards
  • Linked to time and attendance services, time stamping is completed by face recognition.
  • Significant reduction in work hours due to elimination of forgetting to stamp

Aeon Fantasy Inc.

  • Industry Service
  • Location Store offices (450 stores)

Facial Recognition Time and Attendance Entry Saves Labor for Approximately 2,880 Hours

  • Smooth time and attendance clocking eliminates frequent waiting time for clocking in.
  • Biometric detection prevents unauthorized clocking.
  • Efficiently manages attendance for more than 7,000 employees.


  • High-accuracy recognition
  • Liveness Detection(RGB/IR)
  • Wigand standard support
  • Compact size 163mm*92mm*15mm
  • Installation | Wall mount/stand
  • Access, Attendance, and Reception Control

Please click here for device specifications.

Platform services providing authentication and management functions

*3 Please contact us if you wish to register more than 1 million people.

*4 The authentication rate is based on the results of our verification, and we do not guarantee its accuracy.

Management Function

Face Recognition
Access data
authentication log
Access Rule
Device Batch
Remote software
System Linkage

System Architecture

"JCV SPARK" integrates multiple management functions. It provides secure and seamless access.

Registered user IDs can be used in conjunction with "JCV Cloud Solutions" making them suitable for a variety of use cases.
No need to register and manage users for each solution.

Building/Office Entry

Floor Entry

High-Security Area Entry

Windows Log-on

Service Log-in

Single Sign-On

Office Usecases


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