ID Management

JCV Cloud
Identity Manager

An IDP (Identity Provider) service that provides identity management and facial recognition capabilities. Securely and easily add and manage large amounts of photos and personal information with a variety of facial recognition solutions.

User base can be shared

Can be used with all JCV Cloud solutions, adapting to a wide variety of use cases.

Highly flexible management

Unlimited number of groups created an unlimited number of IDs that can be added to one group

Highly accurate face recognition API*

1:1/1:N authentication supported

*Exclusive features of the Professional Plan

Main Functions

Identification Management

  • ID Management: Create, retrieve, update, or delete an identity
  • ID group management: Create, retrieve, update or delete ID groups
  • ID/Group management: add multiple IDs to a group and remove them from a group

Other Management

  • Approve identity portrait self-registration requests
  • Get the QR Code to use in the Lobby Base APP
  • Set up SCIM server for Identity Provisioning


You will find detailed information on features, usage, quick start, and more.