Freedom from risk of password loss

Windows logon and Single sign-on for cloud services faster and more seamlessly than ever before secure Authentication Operations Services

High-Speed Authentication

No need to enter any ID or Password
Instantaneous login by simply holding up your face
Authentication while wearing a mask is also supported

Secure Authentication

Prevent identity theft and unauthorized log-ins through photos and video secure Authentication

Centralized management in the cloud

Highly accurate server authentication and Centralized user management

Customer's Voice

AEON Fantasy Co., Ltd.

  • Industry Service
  • Location Approximately 3,000 devices in stores and offices

6,000 hours of labor saved annually by streamlining the means of certification

  • The level of security has been dramatically improved.
    (Reduced risk of identity theft attacks and lost passwords)
  • Together with the streamlining of authentication methods, this directly improves the efficiency of the entire operation.
    (No need for periodic PW renewal, no need for temporary handling of forgotten PW, etc.)
JCV Face Login

Benefits of Introduction

01.Reduce the risk of information leakage

  • Improved organizational security levels through fraud deterrence measures
  • Enhancement of corporate brand image through advanced measures

02.Integrated security operations

  • Integrated management is achieved through enhanced authentication and log management
  • Reduce administrative man-hours for handling forgotten or updated PWs

03.Increased productivity

  • Authenticated access for user convenience and comfort
  • Improved operational efficiency through simplified operations

Usage Image

Windows logon by Face Recognition

Single sign-on by Face Recognition

Support service

SaaS *1
(Software as a Service)
・Google Workspace
・Microsoft 365/Azure Active Directory
(Identity as a Service)
・Glugent Gate
・GMO Trust Login

*1 It is possible to configure linkage settings for cloud services that support the SAML standard.
Please evaluate the operation in advance, as it may not be possible to configure the operation depending on the specifications of the cloud service to be linked.

Offered Packages

  • Face Login License
  • Web UI for user information registration/management
  • EXE Installer for Windows Logon
  • Manuals(for users/administrators)

Operating Environment

Camera 778,000 pixels (1,080 x 720 pixels) or higher
Hardware CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)i3 or higher
OS Windows 10/11
Mac OS*2、iOS/iPad OS*2、AndroidTM*2
Web browser Latest versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge
Network Internet connection of at least 1 Mbps up and down
(using communication port specified by JCV)

*2 OS confirmed to work with single sign-on for cloud services.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

About Japan Computer Vision (Known as JCV)

Japan Computer Vision Corp., a subsidiary of Softbank Corp., is an AI company that leverages image recognition technology to provide cutting-edge solutions for the smart building and smart retail sectors.