Face Recognition API

JCV Cloud

Provides advanced features such as identity verification and attribute detection as an AI service available in the cloud. Developers can easily embed functionality, build scalable solutions, and efficiently create business value.

CV Algorithm/Vector Search Engine

High-speed face recognition from an unspecified number of people

Powerful authentication process

Unlimited faces can be registered to use in a variety of situations

Detection function attribution

Identification of attributes such as age, gender, etc.

Main Functions

Face Detection Detects faces in uploaded images.
Face Compare(1:1) Detects the maximum face from each of the two images and checks if the faces are the same person.
Quality Check Analyze faces in images and check the quality of face data.
Face Search (1:N) Search and identify faces in uploaded images from the feature database.
REST API Can be linked to a variety of external systems.
Easy to Implement Can be implemented with simple development using APIs, no require for complex development.
Annual Subscription


Plan NamePeriodMax API CallMax QPSPrice
Trial Plan365days100,0005-
Basic 1M Plan365days1,000,000100JPY 1,000,000
Basic 2.5M Plan365days2,500,000100JPY 2,000,000
Basic 10M Plan365days10,000,000100JPY 6,000,000

Please contact us if you require more than 10 million API calls.


You will find detailed information on features, usage, quick start, and more.

Face Recognition Demo

You can use the "Face Position, Angle, Image Quality, Comparison, and Authentication" demo for free when you sign up for a JCV Cloud account.

Face Detection / Analysis

Detects faces in a camera or image and recognizes the position of each eye, mouth, nose, glasses, and other attributes, as well as the angle of the face.

Face Comparison / Authentication

Judges the similarity between the uploaded photo and the detected face.

How to use

1.Sign up JCV Cloud account or sign in.

2.Select "Model Explorer" from the left menu.

3.Select the function you wish to demonstrate from the tabs and select the input media.
Click the "Start" button to begin.

Camera access permission is required.

If you select "1. Select input media type > Photo", start by uploading an image.