Launched "JCV Attendance," a face recognition time and attendance clocking system that supports a variety of work systems.

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- Solves the issues of conventional face recognition attendance & promotes proper management -

JCV announced the launch of JCV Attendance, a solution to the operational challenges of conventional face recognition attendance management.

JCV Attendance will be one of the applications (JCV SPARK application) provided within JCV Cloud, a computer vision cloud platform developed domestically, and will function as a foundation for face recognition services.
It significantly improves user experiences and administrators, reduces operational man-hours, and also contributes to accurate work time management by eliminating "spoofing" using biometrics, as well as discouraging employees over time.

Development Background and Objectives

In a conventional face recognition system, the earliest arrival time of the day is "attendance at work" and the latest departure time is "leaving work," so an operator has to configure the settings each time. For example, this has been a concern for complex work schedules, such as those that work over midnight or three shifts that cross over from one day to the next.

JCV Attendance, a new application that further enhances the convenience of time and attendance management, has added a hand gesture identification function that allows users to tag the purpose of authentication during authentication. Hand gestures captured by the camera and displayed on the terminal screen are recognized, and the purpose of each authentication, such as "attendance at work" or "leaving work," is determined, tagged, and recorded.

The recognized and authenticated event data are linked to the JCV Cloud platform (Event Manager), and retrievable via external APIs.

Overview and Features

1. Flexible recognition by no-touch hand gestures or easy gesture button selection and display From "Attendance Settings" in "Settings", you can select several gesture buttons to display. Flexible recognition by face recognition using hand gestures accelerates time and attendance management. *1.  

2. Scalability to manage on your platform<br>By linking your platform to the JCV Cloud platform via API, you can check the history of each authentication on your browser. You can easily manage employee attendance more efficiently.

*In addition to hand gesture recognition, the system can display categories on the screen, such as "attendance at work" and "leaving work," and tag authentication by tapping the appropriate category.

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