Face Recognition API

Highly accurate face recognition API provided JCV Cloud AnySee

APIs that can enhance security and provide a convenient user experience

Conduct efficient identity verification online.

Add a secure authentication function to an existing system.

Use face recognition at events and outdoors.

Identity verification
by application

[Online Service]
by face recognition

[Stores and Facilities]
Ticketless and face-pass entrance with face recognition
[Facilities and Stadiums]
Face payment
[Stores and Facilities]
Additional authentication methods
[Offices and Financial Institutions]
Membership management
with face recognition

[Stores and Facilities]

JCV Cloud AnySee is a cloud service that enables simple development and implementation with open APIs.

JCV Cloud AnySee

High-speed 1:1/1:N authentication

High-speed face recognition from an unspecified number of people

Highly accurate authentication

Highly accurate authentication even when wearing a mask

Highly versatile

Unlimited faces can be registered to use in a variety of situations.

Detection function attribution

Facial features can be used to identify attributes such as age and gender.

Customer's Voices

ALJ Inc.

  • industry Service
  • integration ALJ GHR, an integrated engineering management platform

Face Recognition as a means of logging into the company's systems

  • API is simple, fast, and easy to experiment with, facilitating function development
  • Face Recognition login improves the security level

Usage Examples

Unlimited number of connected devices.

Usage Examples

*3 This includes both devices provided by us and prepared by the customer.

*4 No images are saved.

Main performance/ Specification

Face Detection Detects faces in uploaded images.
Face Comparison Detect the maximum number of faces in each of the two images and check if the two faces are the same person.
Quality Check Analyze faces in images and check the quality of face data.
Face Search Search and identify faces in uploaded images from the feature database.
REST API Can be linked to a variety of external systems.
Easy to Implement Can be implemented with simple development using APIs, no require for complex development.
Annual Subscription


Plan NamePeriodMax API CallMax QPSPrice
Trial Plan365days100,0005-
Basic 1M Plan365days1,000,000100JPY 1,000,000
Basic 2.5M Plan365days2,500,000100JPY 2,000,000
Basic 10M Plan365days10,000,000100JPY 6,000,000

Please contact us if you require more than 10 million API calls.


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