JCV announces JCV Face Login enables Users to log in to Systems and PCs with Face.

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No need for ID/PW management. More secure and faster authentication access.

JCV launches JCV Face Login, a face recognition login service for access to Windows, business systems, and SaaS.


Logging into a PC or SaaS (business system) generally uses ID and password authentication.However, problems have occurred when login information is stolen, such as leakage of personal or confidential information due to identity theft login.More than 80% of data breaches are due to password compromise.As a result, the burden on users and administrators will only increase as measures such as regular password updates are taken.Therefore, there is a growing need throughout society for a "password-less" service using biometric authentication that does not require the input of passwords.

JCV has launched a face recognition login service, "JCV Face Login," based on its highly accurate face recognition technology and know-how accumulated through many successful introductions.

In addition, we have been providing face recognition single sign-on in conjunction with "Gluegent Gate*²," an IDaaS*¹ from SIOS Technology Inc.The company that has introduced this service has evaluated that it saves approximately 6,000 hours of labor per year by streamlining operations through face recognition and SSO.

・Overview of JCV Face Login

The first stage provides single sign-on to Windows logon and business systems/SaaS. Face recognition login can be implemented with only a simple initial setup.

◾️Services confirmed to work (as of August 2022)

  • Single sign-on (SSO) service | Gluegent Gate
  • Application | Google Workspace、Microsoft 365、Azure Active Directory、Salesforce、FortiClient *³
  • PC Log-on| Window OS PC *³

◾️ Initial Setup

  1. Register user information including photo and email address for face recognition login
  2. Set up authentication linkage with each application
  3. Install client software on PC & set up account
  4. Start of use

◾️Face Recognition Login Procedure

  1. Access the business system (or Windows)
  2. Activate camera/automatically capture face
  3. Authentication (server authentication)
  4. Login

This service not only provides users with high-speed login, but also reduces man-hours required for "password updates" and "forgotten password inquiries," thereby improving the work efficiency of both users and administrators. The service also uses biometric detection to block authentication using photos or videos that impersonate the user, preventing unauthorized use and contributing to the creation of a strong security environment.

・Collaboration with partners and future plans

We will promote proposals to our customers in cooperation with SIOS Technology Corporation, which already supports the linkage. In addition, we will promote the expansion of application services that are compatible with face recognition, and will contribute to solving customers issues as well as building the environment.

*¹An abbreviation for Identity as a Service, a service that centrally manages IDs and PWs for multiple services in the cloud.
*² Gluegent Gate is a trademark or registered trademark of SIOS Technology.
*³ Google Workspace is a trademark or registered trademark of Google LLC.
*³ Windows, Microsoft 365 and Azure AD are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
*³ SalesForce is a trademark or registered trademark of Salesforce.
*³ FortiClient VPN is a trademark or registered trademark of FORTINET.


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