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Seamless integration with existing systems for complete security.

ALJ Inc.

ALJ Inc, a developer of business-related web applications, uses ALJ GHR, an originally developed integrated management platform for engineers specialized in the IT industry, in conjunction with JCV Cloud AnySee. This enables a highly secure environment that is not affected by working style or location.

ALJ Inc.

What is the background and challenges of the facial recognition study?

ALJ Inc. has developed its integrated management platform for engineers, "ALJ GHR," which integrates and manages human resource information such as attendance, personnel evaluation, project and skill management, etc. We are currently improving the accuracy of the product through repeated in-house operations and modifications.

Due to the nature of centralized management of employees' valuable data, security must be flawless. Therefore, we introduced facial recognition as a highly secure login method.

What was the deciding factor for you to introduce facial recognition?

We aim to be a borderless organizational entity with diverse ways and places of working. Therefore, we have a variety of working styles and locations, including some teleworking employees, some working completely remotely in rural areas or living overseas, and some employees participating in projects at customer sites.

Therefore, we decided to introduce the facial recognition system because we thought that facial recognition, which does not require any special devices, would suit our style of working.

What made you decide to install JCV Cloud AnySee?

Since the ALJ GHR is often used in offices where many people gather, the fact that facial recognition is possible while wearing a mask and the high recognition rate of individuals while wearing masks were also reasons for our selection.

We also thought "JCV Cloud AnySee" was the best choice in terms of its ability to integrate with existing systems.

Have you been able to successfully integrate with existing systems?

The API was simple, fast, easy to trial, and easy to develop functionality. We estimate that other existing systems with less scalable login authentication processes, or with programming languages or frameworks that take longer to develop, would have required nearly twice as much time and manpower.

What are the effects after the introduction of the system?

Users do not need to prepare anything new for facial recognition and can start using the system immediately without any hassle by registering their existing photo data in the system at once.

The ability to log in with facial recognition has reduced the number of inquiries due to forgotten passwords, etc., and has also led to a reduction in man-hours for the administrator.

Employees have also commented that the ability to log in quickly without the hassle of entering passwords has reduced their stress each morning.

What is your outlook for the future?

Corporate security incidents are often featured in the news and become a hot topic, indicating that society is demanding strong security measures from companies. We expect that the demand for facial recognition will increase in the future due to its high security and ease of use.

ALJ GHR is being developed as an integrated management platform for engineers specialized in the IT industry, with a view to commercialization in the future, and we believe that we will be able to propose it in conjunction with this platform.

In addition, as society's DX needs continue to increase, we feel that we will be able to help our customers solve their issues in the DX development field, such as system development using "JCV Cloud AnySee".


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