Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks Adopts "JCV SPARK" for Employee Access Control

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JCV is pleased to announce that we have delivered JCV SPARK, an authentication access control service that enables efficient and secure management and operation of access control for employees and related personnel to Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks Corp.

JCV SPARK will be one of the solutions offered within the JCV Cloud, a computer vision cloud platform developed in-house, and will function as a facial recognition access manager.

Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks has given us the following evaluations.

Changed operation and management

  • Rapid speed from face detection to authentication
    Smooth entry to the building even during peak work hours when there is heavy traffic
  • Embodies authentication and performance on high-performance servers
    Identification when wearing masks is carried out without problems.
  • Increased level of security at entry/exit
    Contributes to improved efficiency of entry/exit operations

Overview of JCV SPARK

Provides secure and seamless access by quickly and flexibly integrating highly accurate server facial recognition capabilities into a variety of systems and workflows.

- Main Components -

  • ID management: Console and external APIs for registering/updating employee data, validating photo quality, and creating ID groups
  • Access management: Console and external APIs for managing access privileges for user ID groups
  • Device management: Console and external APIs for checking device status, changing settings, creating device groups, and upgrading devices
  • Event management: Console and external APIs for reviewing and searching access history and acquiring authentication records
  • Externally linked APIs: APIs that can be related to existing time and attendance management systems and services

- High Security -

  • ISMS-certified high-security cloud service
  • Administrator login, security measures by two-step authentication (MFA) with one-time code


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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