JCV announces launch new device"PayPad Plus" for face payment and face point service.

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JCV has partnership with PopID Inc.,ID authentication service provider in U.S.,to provide the JCV's face recognition technology at settlement time, and face recognition payment is used at many stores in Japan and abroad.

Now, PopID and Visa Inc., a world leader of digital payments, have announced a partnership to spread face recognition payments in the Middle East area.

JCV has decided to launch "PayPad Plus", a device that enables face payment and face point service, for both domestic and international markets.

Outline and Features of "PayPad Plus Device"

“PayPad Plus” is an Android device with a dual display, a binocular (RGB+IR) camera, and a biometric detection SDK.

It is designed to work with existing POS systems used in retail stores and commercial facilities. It is expected to be used not only for face recognition payment, but also for linking member IDs with face data and payment information, and awarding points.

In addition to retail stores and commercial facilities, the use of face recognition payment at stadiums and entertainment facilities where many people gather will optimize the time spent at the cash register by reducing the time required for face-to-face money transfers and easing the time spent waiting at the cash register, thereby improving convenience.

Dual Display

"PayPad Plus" incorporates two touch displays - one rear facing for operation by the store and the other front facing for face recognition by the customer.

The store can enter the purchase amount on the rear facing display and check the face recognition results by the customer using the front facing operation display.

On the other hand, the customer can check the purchase amount on the front display and use the front camera system for accurate face recognition.

This seamless process from confirmation of the purchase amount to settlement of payment allows both the store and the customer to conduct transactions with peace of mind.

It provides seamless opportunities for member customers to participate in loyalty programs

*Adjustable Tilt Angle of Customer Display accommodates people of different heights

Scheduled shipment date

Scheduled ship date May 2022 (Golden Week) or later
Product Device PayPad Plus
Planned production quantity 5,000 units (including 2,000 units for pre-release/until the end of 2022)

** About pricing, please inquire below.

Device Specifications

OS: Android 10.0
Chipset: Qualcomm SDM450
Memory (LPDDR): 2G
Storage (EMMC): 16GB
Power supply: DC 12V/3A
Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C

Touch Display for Face Recognition
Screen size: 8-inch IPS (1280*800)
Display brightness:350cd

Touch Display for store side operation
Screen size:5-inch IPS (1280*720)
Display brightness:350cd

Network:WiFI, Ethernet and 4G LTE***
Interface:USB (Type-A) x 3, DC x 1, RJ45 x 1

NFC (Flash Pay):No function
QR code reader:supported via USB

***Not certified in Japan or the U.S.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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