Face Recognition Payment [Smart Retail]

PayPad Plus

Smart Retail solutions to accelerate DX
PayPad Plus the device enabling Face Payment and Face Loyalty Programs

  • Speedy payment
  • Efficiency
    of cash register operations
  • Easy face data
    registration and payment
  • Cashless made simpler
  • Reduce unauthorized
    use by Liveness detection
  • Provide
    prompt, safe,

    and quality service
  • Data linkage with
    membership/point card
  • One to One

Issues for the retail industry

Shop image

Store side

  • Reduce human resource costs and operate more efficiently
  • Conduct visitor analysis and utilize it for marketing purposes.
  • Build a strong management base by utilizing digital technology

Customer side

  • Reduce waiting time for payment
  • Use easy processing and secure payment.
  • Complete the payment and point crediting at the same time

Face Payment PayPad Plus

High-speed 1-to-N authentication

Recognize faces at high speed from a large number of people

Trained AI

Authentication is possible by registering only one photo.

Liveness detection

Prevent identity theft through photos and videos and ensures safe and secure transactions

Linked to POS system

Linked to POS system for purchase data analysis

Solutions Overview

Face recognition can be easily introduced by simply connecting to an existing POS system.
When a customer registers his/her photo and payment method, the system automatically identifies the person reflected in the tablet camera.
Secure face recognition payment is available.



Device Basic Specifications

Device Specifications
OS Android 10.0
Chipset Qualcomm SDM450
Memory 2GB (LPDDR)
Storage 16GB (EMMC)
Power Supply DC 12V/3A
Interface USB(TYPE-A)×3、DC×1、RJ45×1
Network Wi-Fi、Ethernet
Display For Face Recognition
For Cashier

Device Appearance

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