JCV's "Integrated Facial Recognition and Thermal Imaging Device" promotes workplace safety

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~ Enables additive beneficial public space safety measures
by generating instant and accurate body temperature measurement and face recognition ~

Japan Computer Vision Corp ("JCV"), a world leading image recognition solution company and SoftBank Corp. subsidiary, is launching an "Integrated Facial Recognition and Thermal Imaging Device." This solution combines a thermal imaging camera with JCV's original face recognition access control device. Our proprietary combination is designed to detect above-normal body temperatures and assist in the promotion of a safe and secure building access and employee, customer, and vendor health environment.

The device measures body temperatures with instant (<0.5 secs) and accurate (to within ±0.3℃) results. This ensures detection and identification of body temperature and face mask protocol outliers on a real-time basis with instant alerts when exceptions are detected. Importantly, our device can recognize people even when they are wearing face masks. This proprietary functionality can accurately identify partially covered faces from up to 1.5 meters and therefore enables smooth, safer hands-free building access by eliminating the need for people to pause to remove their face masks or have their temperature taken. This helps reduce waiting lines which compromise the social distancing guidelines present in the current environment.

JCV offers the standalone "Integrated Facial Recognition and Thermal Imaging Device" in both fixed gate modes and portable stand modes. These can be easily deployed in crowded indoor spaces such as office buildings, stadiums, hospitals, airports, factories, schools, fitness clubs, food-related services and any other locations where employee, customer, and vendor health and safety management is a priority.

Summary of

Integrated Facial Recognition and Thermal Imaging Device

  1. Summary
    • Safe and secure access management by face recognition and body temperature measurement
    • Accurate mask-on face recognition functionality reduces waiting times
    • Blackbody * deployment not required
  2. Features
    • Accuracy: 110,592 thermo points enable temperature measurement to within ±0.3℃ accuracy
    • Real-time alert: people without face masks and/or with outlying temperatures instantly flagged
    • Non-contact, walk-through: face recognition and body temperature from 1.5m distance within 0.5 seconds
    • Easy deployment: connects to security gates or installs on portable stands; no blackbody required

An object that absorbs all light and which is often required to increase the accuracy of associated infrared temperature measurement equipment.


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