JCV and Future Standard Co-Exhibit at CEATEC 2019

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By Joanna Chou

JCV is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with Future Standard, an AI image analysis service provider, to enhance work efficiency for various industries by providing advanced computer vision solutions. 

Future Standard is a leading technology innovator known for the AI platform "SCORER," a unique Back-end as-a-Service for image sensors, enabling application developers to flexibly design and develop image analysis system. 

JCV will collaborate with Future Standard through an integration of our Face Recognition SDK and the "SCORER" platform to offer unique computer vision products based on face recognition. FutureStandard is a pioneer in Computer Vision applications in retail leveraging edge computing technologies. With our joint solution we intend to provide comprehensive yet accessible image analysis systems for public infrastructure and the retail industry. 

CEATEC 2019 (Oct. 15th ~ 18th)

JCV was invited to co-exhibit at CEATEC 2019 at the Future Standard booth to showcase JCV's original face recognition solutions for Smart Retail and Smart Office.

At CEATEC 2019, JCV introduced its Retail Solution with use case and platform dashboard to illustrate how in-store analysis and 1to1 marketing can realize OMO data integration for retail industry to truly understand their customers. 

JCV also introduced its Building Access Solution with interactive technology demonstration, by enabling visitors to register their face on-site and try out face recognition with JCV's original device and application on iPad. Visitors are invited to try out several patterns such as wearing sunglasses, using photos or videos, etc. to bypass. As a result, JCV received many good feedbacks on the recognition speed and accuracy; visitors were genuinely impressed by how effortless face recognition system can be yet so secure.


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