Tokyu Land Corporation operated shared office, "Business-Airport," deploys JCV's AI Thermography device "SenseThunder-Mini"

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SoftBank Corp. subsidiary, Japan Computer Vision Corp. ("JCV") deployed the AI Thermography device "SenseThunder-Mini" at "Business-Airport," a membership based shared office operated by Tokyu Land Corporation. The system has been implemented in 11 Tokyo offices from June, and will be deployed to two more new offices (Ebisu and Takeshiba) this year.

Since the state of emergency has been lifted, Business-Airport has been proactively taking infection preventive measures such as face mask protocol, alcohol dispenser placement, distanced seating layout, and acrylic partition installation within the facility. With the increase in decentralized offices and the diversification of work styles, which are becoming more and more widespread at the same time as measures against coronavirus infections, it is necessary to develop a system that can be used for the prevention of the coronavirus infection. Thus, to provide a safer and secure environment for the users, Business-Airport felt that the temperature screening of their visitors is a necessity to reduce the spread of infection by denying access to people with a fever.

Their criteria for product selection included non-contact, speedy recognition, friendly UX and easy installation; the fact that the device can be flexibility installed at various locations without altering existing structure and can be operated stand-alone was also very important. JCV's AI Thermography device "SenseThunder-Mini" answered all those needs. The device integrates a thermal imaging camera with their original facial recognition technology, and enables effective fever screening by accurately detecting one's face and temperature in 0.5 seconds, even with face masks or sunglasses on. Furthermore, with a user-friendly interface design, "SenseThunder-Mini" requires no complicated settings or professional knowledge to operate. The compact design also enables non-contact screening even in small spaces, making it easy to deploy at any designated locations.

Chief of Business Operation Group, Urban Development Unit at Tokyu Land Corporation, Mr. Yoshitaka Haraguchi comments that "due to the coronavirus the shift to remote-work or at distributed offices has accelerated, which will only further be adopted in the post corona environment. In order to provide a safe and secure environment for the users, Business-Airport decided to introduce the speedy and easy to deploy "SenseThunder-Mini" as part of the preventive measures to perform fever screening on visitors and deny access when necessary." No personal data is stored throughout this deployment.

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The device is not a medical instrument. Please seek a medical instrument for measuring body temperature for a medical purpose.


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