Kobe Mazda rolls out pilot test of JCV's AI Thermography Solution

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Make safety visible to reinforce customer supports

To provide continuous service to their customers in a safe and secure environment, automobile dealer and support service provider Kobe Mazda Co. Ltd. ("Kobe Mazda") has initiated a temperature screening pilot trial from June 9th to June 19th at the Kobe Mazda headquarters, by installing Japan Computer Vision Corp's ("JCV") AI Thermography Solution "SenseThunder."

JCV's AI Thermography device "SenseThunder-Mini" integrates a thermal imaging camera with original facial recognition technology. The device enables effective fever screening by accurately detecting one's face in 0.5 seconds, even with face masks or sunglasses on.

"SenseThunder-Mini" is a compact model suitable for small space deployments and requires little alteration of the existing environment. By enabling visitors to self-check their physical condition instantly, the device provides a sense of security to both the staff and customers and has received high praise for its convenience.  

As a total automotive service provider, Kobe Mazda consistently strives to enhance customers' experiences and provide a safe and secure environment with this trial implementation.

With this solution, JCV will continue to assist the prevention of infection by providing safe and secure building access environments across industries.

The device is not a medical instrument. Please seek a medical instrument for measuring body temperature for a medical purpose.


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