Manage face recognition and temperature records easily with JCV's new platform "SenseLink Cloud"

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Acquire the No. 1* AI Thermography solution at a reasonable price with the cloud version!

Japan Computer Vision Corp ("JCV"), a world leading image recognition solution company and SoftBank Corp. subsidiary, announces today the release of the new "SenseLink Cloud," a cloud service as the "Access Control Platform" for JCV's Building Access and AI Thermography Solution.

Easy access to extensive management functions on the cloud

"Senselink Cloud" enables all-in-one managment of face recognition and temperature measurement records, as well as multiple connected devices easily through a PC browser. The fact that there is no need for customers to set up and maintain their own servers has effectively helped to reduce the time it takes to start using the service as well as the cost of equipment.

The cloud version also allows unlimited number of connected devices which can be utilized in various usage scenarios. "SenseLink Cloud" is best suitable for those who do not wish to manage hardware assets and personal data on their own, but still would like to manage personnel with facial recognition at multiple locations of offices or stores at a lower cost.

SenseLink Cloud starts from 2,000 JPY/month per device

Following this new release, the cloud version of the Access Control Platform is now available in the "AI Thermogrgarphy Solution" deployment package. The Basic plan of the "SenseLink Cloud" is available for a minimum monthly fee of 2,000 yen per unit, which is ideal for customers who do not need to store personal information and want to manage devices efficiently. A full-featured Professional plan is also available for use in applications including facial recognition, which can further connect to external systems via API*

The temperature measured by "SenseThunder" is automatically sent to the cloud with facial information. In addition, any alert on abnormal temperatures will be reflected on the "SenseLink Cloud" dashboard immediately. An application can also be developed to receive alerts via smartphone or email using the push notification function which makes it easier to manage attendance and health conditions of the employees.

Jan-June 2020 Unit Shipments of Non-Contact Integrated Facial Recognition and Temperature Detection Tablet, Tokyo Shoko Research, August 2020.

A minimum of 1 year subscription is required for SenseLink Cloud service. Please check the website for more details on the Basic and Professional plans.

SenseLink Cloud


  • Easy to use: no software required, constant monitoring through the PC's browser
  • Safe and secure : solid data management in a secure cloud environment
  • Convenient functions : all-in-one manamgent of recognition records and multiple devices
  • Simple pricing : annual subscription plan with Basic and Professional options

01. Compatible Devices

  • Facial Recognition Access Control Device (SensePass)
  • Integrated Facial Recognition and Thermal Imaging Device (SenseThunder-E, SenseThunder-Mini)

supports unlimited concurrent device connections

02. Feature Summary

  • Dashboard : real-time monitoring of abnormal temperature alerts and face recognition records
  • Device Management : confirm status and change settings of all connected devices Personnel Management : register and update information of Employee, Visitor, Deny-list, and groups
  • Strategic Management : time settings for access duration by device or individual
  • Event Management : manage all facial recognition, temperature detection, and abnormal alert records
  • Attendance Management : registration settings of employee workday, holiday, and attendance time
  • System Management : enterprise information, account permissions and operation logs
  • API Integration : Push notification available via external APP integration and API available for external system integration


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About Japan Computer Vision (Known as JCV)

Japan Computer Vision Corp., a subsidiary of Softbank Corp., is an AI company that leverages image recognition technology to provide cutting-edge solutions for the smart building and smart retail sectors.