AI Thermography FAQ

AI Thermography

How many temperature measurement points do you have?
110,000 points within the angle of view of the thermographic camera. You don't need to align your forehead exactly to detect them. (10,000 points for the SenseThunder-Mini).
How accurate is face recognition?
Accuracy of more than 99% within 2 meters.
Highly rated by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).
Can I authenticate while wearing a hat/helmet?
As long as the forehead and face are visible, face recognition and temperature detection are possible. Please contact us for details.
How dark does it react?
It can be used for up to 0.5 lux (about moonlight). A smart fill light function using an infrared sensor is also available. Please contact us for details.
Is it safe to move around for 0.5 seconds of detection time?
Walk-throughs are also possible, as facial recognition and temperature detection are possible, even if the system is not perfectly still.

Installation location and method

Do I need to do any calibration work with a black body?
As a calibrated thermal camera, no black body is required for installation and setup. This gives you more flexibility in your installation.
Does it come with a stand?
Depending on the installation location, you can choose between long and short stands.
Is it installed indoors only?
Due to the effects of direct sunlight and wind, it is recommended to use the thermal imaging camera indoors to ensure accurate temperature detection.
Is it possible to output images to a large monitor?
The SenseThunder-E has an HDMI port.
The effect of the external monitor output is to encourage spontaneous temperature detection at entrances and other locations.
Is the communication between the device and the server Wi-Fi?
Although Wi-Fi connection is possible, a wired network connection is recommended as the unit is powered by a network device called a PoE injector.
Can I retrofit an existing security gate door. Do I need to disable the existing IC card authentication?
It is possible to introduce the system without IC card authentication. Please contact us for details.
What kind of information can be output by Wiegand?
It supports 26, 32, and 34 bit Wiegand input and output, and can be used to link information such as employee information (employee numbers).

Logging and management screen

Does the authentication history remain when I use it offline?
When you are offline, the authenticated history remains on the device and is synchronized with the server when you go online. You can choose not to keep the history, or you can delete it. Please contact us for details.
Will the face image data be stored on the face recognition device?
The face image data is encrypted and stored on the device as well. Since authentication is performed on the device, fast authentication is possible regardless of the communication environment. No need to store the face image data for temperature detection alone.
What is the lag time for real time display of history in the management platform?
Depending on the communication environment, it is possible to check the history without time lag. Real-time detection of temperature anomalies is possible.
What is the process for registering an individual and how long does it take to register?
Register your information such as photo and name on the management platform. It is difficult to say how long it will take to register, as it depends on the number of people and the communication environment, but it is a simple process of uploading and inputting information. You can register individually or in batches using an Excel template.
Is API integration to external systems possible?
APIs can be used to integrate employee information and authentication history with external systems.


What is the key difference between your products and those of other companies?
Because of the multiple uses of AI, the accuracy and speed of face recognition and temperature detection are excellent. Specifically, it captures the forehead, extracts multiple temperature points, and uses AI analysis in comparison with room temperature to achieve highly accurate and fast detection. We have the highest number of shipments. (Tokyo Shoko Research, August 2020 survey)
Is it eligible for grants and subsidies?
There are a number of grants and subsidies available from various prefectures and ministries. The subsidies vary depending on the type of business of the customer, so please contact us for details. We will introduce you to a sales agent.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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