Face Recognition Camera [Module]

Compact twin-lens camera
M20 AI Vision Module

Advanced integration of miniature twin-lens cameras and AI algorithms
Simplified implementation of biometric detection and face recognition

I want to log in to the system with face recognition.

I want to implement two-factor authentication easily.

I want to implement face recognition into my existing system.

Login to the factory machine
[Factories and Warehouses]
Add authentication methods
[Offices/financial institutions]
Enter the room easily
[Large apartment]
Manage employees or team members through face recognition
[Retail Stores/Facilities]
Face recognition payment through a touch panel
Vending machines]
Automated reception with face recognition
[Medical institutions]

Add face recognition to existing systems and services
Turn small-scale systems into a face recognition system
Compact twin-lens camera
"M20 AI Vision Module"

configuration diagram
Advanced integration of software and hardware
Flexible implementation with embedded compact face recognition camera module.
Highly accurate face recognition with USB
Easily implement the world's best face recognition by Plug-and-Play.
Biometric detection with a two-lens camera
Improve security by preventing photo, video, and other types of spoofing.
Large-scale system development is not necessary
Easy face recognition console development using pre-built dedicated SDK.

M20 AI Vision Module Technology

configuration diagram

Advanced integration of the world's best face recognition technology and hardware

High authentication accuracy
Supports 1:1/1:N authentication

The world's highest face recognition accuracy

The world's highest face recognition accuracy.
No. 1 in the world in five categories.*1

Two-lens camera for biometric detection

Prevent "identity theft" through photos and videos.

Face recognition even in backlit environments

An optimized exposure algorithm allows for flexible implementation.

※1 In the latest face recognition benchmark test (FRVT2020) conducted by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (“NIST”), Sensetime's world-leading face recognition algorithm was evaluated as No. 1 in five of the eight key areas of accuracy.

Main performance and specifications

Function Detail
Camera Function Equipped with two optic lenses (RGB + IR) in a compact module of 80 x 22 x 18.9mm
Biometric detection function Spoofing prevention is included as standard
Face recognition function Not only 1:1 face recognition, but also 1:N is possible (up to 20,000 people on the module)
High-precision authentication Recognition is possible even when someone is wearing a mask, thus enabling highly accurate authentication
Multiple face recognition Multiple faces can be detected and authenticated
Easy to implement Easy to implement by using the SDK bundled with the module
Hardware I/F is USB
API provision Can be linked to various external systems via API
Environmental adaptation Adaptable to various environments such as strong light, dim light, and strong black light
Size/Weight 80×22×18.9mm/50g
Camera/Pixel Binocular camera with fill light (RGB+IR) / 2MP
Authentication distance 0.5〜1.5m
Operating environment temperature -20〜50℃
Number of registered faces 20,000 people
Supported OS Android, Linux, Windows

Equipment configuration

After face recognition in the module, the judgment result is output to the host computer.
The I/F is a highly versatile, power-supply compatible micro USB Type-B.

Equipment configuration diagram

Available Platforms

Windows (10 or more)
Intel Linux (Ubuntu 14 or more)
Android (4.4/5.1/6.0/7.1 or later versions)


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