Visual Positioning Service

Promotions using location-specific and ARJCV MARS

Spatial recognition of 3D data and Integration of AR effects into indoor and outdoor spaces

When you want to create new customer contact points that are different from those of other companies.

When you want to output information that adds to a daily space.

When you want to provide services that lead to increased customer satisfaction.

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Highly accurate location identification
with VPS※1
JCV MARS is "a SaaS platform"
that leads to the creation of spatial value

"JCV MARS" features

Highly accurate position measurement

Accurate position measurement using industry-leading image recognition technology*2

Fast position measurement

Fast position measurement in 1 to 2 seconds

Suitable for a variety of environments

Works outdoors day and night/even indoors where GPS cannot be used

Easy to build 3D map data

Data collection can be done with CAD drawings and field photography with common equipment.

※1 VPS (Visual Positioning Service)

※2 Horizontal position error: within 5 to 50 cm | Vertical position error: within 3 to 5 cm

Highly accurate VPS accurately acquires the user's camera position and orientation.

In addition, the high-speed processing allows us to enjoy the AR world without stress.

JCV MARS is VPS-type AR. Click here for details of Marker-type AR (JCV AR Marker).

Position Measurement Overview

The excellent VPS accurately identifies the user, the camera position, and the camera orientation.
JCV MARS can superimpose the various visual bits of information that make up AR into the real space without any sense of discomfort.

Take a picture of your surroundings
with a 360-degree camera.

CAD Drawing

Convert to 3D maps

Feature extraction/database

Database matching of
smartphone images

Identify the user and camera position


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About Japan Computer Vision (Known as JCV)

Japan Computer Vision Corp., a subsidiary of Softbank Corp., is an AI company that leverages image recognition technology to provide cutting-edge solutions for the smart building and smart retail sectors.